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Menu for December 14th

Check out what we are serving up this week.


Glass Containers

We deliver your meals in oven safe glass containers. If you don't like the service after using it once, you can keep the containers. Otherwise the one time cost becomes a usage fee and we add them into circulation so we don't need to use any one time use plastic.


Choose YOur Meals

Chefs Choice

Our chefs curate weekly family meals as well as meals for individuals and couples.

Your Choice

We offer an a la carte weekly menu selections of main meals, sides, desserts and kids meal for you to choose for you and your family. 


Chefs Choice & Family Meals

 Chefs Jon and Nick curate menus designed for you and your family. Let our chefs surprise and delight you with their choices with our "Chefs Choice" selections. Our family meals are well rounded meals complete with sides and dessert to please young and old.

YOur Choice

 Chefs Jon and Nick add their innovative ideas, creative spirit, and love to each recipe. We are excited to share them with you! Our core meals rotate every week using seasonal ingredients. Our signature meals are some of our favorites and you will find them here every week.