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Grab N' Go

Are you craving delicious, restaurant-quality meals without the hassle of cooking or waiting for delivery? We've got you covered! We are excited to introduce Honest Plates Grab 'n Go.

We've Taken Convenience To The Next Level

We understand that there are times when you're on the move – whether it's a busy workday, a quick lunch break, or a hectic evening. That's why we've carefully selected a diverse range of mouthwatering meals that are prepared and ready to enjoy whenever you are.

Stop By and Check Out Our Fresh Daily Offerings

105-5 W Montauk Hwy Hampton Bays

Located inside The Hamlet Green. 

HOURS: Thursday - Sunday

From 10:00am - 2:00pm

Order Online: Honestly Good

Our sauces, part of our specialty line, often come with meals. But some clients enjoy having extra for their own cooking. Made from local organic ingredients, each honest sauce lists its components for transparency. Elevate homemade salads or add a splash of mouthwatering BBQ flavor.

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