Q. How does Whole 30 compare to Keto?

The simple answer is Keto is a lower carb version of Whole30. However, Keto also allows dairy which Whole30 does not. Everyone has different health goals, but if you have tried Keto, you should try Whole30 and Honest Plate. You can read a more comprehensive review of both plans here. Like with all “diets” what is important is making the lifestyle change and making them an integrated part of your life, not just a fad.

Q. What is your approach to ingredients?

We follow the Whole30 approach of only using whole foods and simple ingredients. We also make sure they are plant-based so our core meals can universally enjoyed. But we know not everyone eats this way, so we add some delicous sides of animal proteins, fish and other grain options for those that want a little extra. Something for everyone as we like to say.


Q. How do the menus work?

Our core menu is whole30 compliant and plant-based (vegan). We offer up to 5 unique delicious dishes for the week. You can NOT choose which of the meals you will get. If you pick the 5 meals, you get all 5 meals. If you pick 3 meals, you will get meals 1, 2 and 3. Here is a sample menu. In addition to these core meals, you can then add different animal proteins on top. Maybe someone in your family wants to add some fish or meat to their meals. Each protein is 7oz and delivered in a separate container so you can personalize meals to each of your family members as needed.

You can also add an 8oz Honest Smoothie to your order, which contains berries, avocado, greens, almond milk and some other magic ingredients. We will be soon adding additional side options for those that want even more robust sized meals.

Q. When are menus made available?

A. Each week, on a Wednesday, we will publish and email you a fresh menu of up to 5 honest meals and a variety of sides. You then have until Thursday at 10pm to decide if you want to order that menu, and get meals starting the following Monday for NY and Tuesday for CT. You can also order up until the following Monday at 10pm for delivery on Thursday (of 2 meals) in NY.

Q. How many servings should I order?

A. Each meal contains a 4 oz soup or a side and main dish. So it’s a complete meal, even before you add an optional extra 6 oz protein. You can order any number of servings per meal. Some of our clients order more food than they need so they have extra for lunch or a jealous friend. The price comes down the more you order, so you save more by ordering more.

Q. Is the food prepared freshly?

A. Yes, all meals are prepared from scratch each day. We adhere to a zero-waste policy so we reuse everything we can in our meals. All food is prepared on-site in our commissary kitchen in Riverhead. We source local and seasonal ingredients. All proteins are either organic or wild caught. None of our food is ever frozen.

Q. How much are the meals?

A. Our goal is for Honest Plate to cost less than your groceries. Each meal is approximately $10-12. This does not include the 4-5 hours of time you will save not having to shop, prep, cook and clean.


Q. Where can I pick up my meals?

A. We have three locations where you can pick-up your meals. The idea is that our service works like a farm CSA where you come and pick up your meals and each time you come, you bring back your bag and clean containers, and we recycle everything. The three locations are: 1) Spur South, 670 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill 2) Long Island Sports Park, 149 Edwards Ave, Calverton 3) Allegaince Personal Training, 289 Springs Fireplace Rd, East Hampton. We are working on adding a 4th location in Sag Harbor.

Q. How often do I pick up my meals?

A. If you order 5 weekly meals, you will have two pick-up times. Monday after 2pm and Thursday after 2pm. We split the pick-up into 2 times as the meals are cooked fresh and we want them to be in their best condition when you enjoy them. If you order our 3 weekly meals, you will just pick-up on Monday. If you order the weekender option, you can pick-up Thursday or Friday.

Q. If I can’t pick up my meals on time, what happens?

A. Don’t panic. All your meals are refrigerated and can be picked up the next day, no problem. Just email us to let us know so we can expect you.

Q. Can I get my meals delivered?

A. Yes, we offer a service to have your meals delivered to your home. For a $25 fee per delivery, there are three options. (Now only $10 for NY during COVID and $15 for CT!) A) we can leave them with someone at the house when we deliver on Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. B) If there is no-one home at these times, just leave a cooler by your front door and we will put your meal bag into the cooler. C) if you have a smart home, we can access the house, and place your food directly into your fridge. So just let us know which delivery method works best for you!


Q. Why do I have to buy the glass containers?

A. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.We are passionate about creating a zero-waste company to help reduce both food waste, and also the crazy amounts of packaging and plastic people use while shopping or using other meal prep services. Our solution to this is that all our meals and delivered in beautiful glass containers. We ask you to purchase these with your first order as your commitment to helping the environment. We then reuse the containers for all your meals. The additional benefit of using glass containers is that they can go straight into the oven or microwave, and you can even eat your meal from them. This saves time on cleaning up dishes that are often used when preparing meals. We take care to separate animal proteins from our core meals, so any dietary restrictions within your family unit can be catered to.

Q. How are you supporting our community?

A. We care very much about both our local environment and community. Hence the glass containers to avoid one-time use plastic. In addition, we have partnered with local charity fighting chance to provide their patients in need with free meals. For every 10 meals we sell to you, we provide a free meal to a cancer patient. We have heard so many stories already from Fighting Chance patients who can now take something stressful off their plates. We also use local products were we can to make sure we are minimizing the carbon footprint used in delivering our food. That is also why we offer a pick-up service as our primary way to deliver your food, so we keep more delivery miles off the already busy roads.

Q. Whats special about the food labels?

We are glad you asked. We use special bio-degradable lables on your containers that completely dissolve when you either hand wash them, or put them in your dishwasher. Just another way we are being kind to the planet.

Still have questions or issues?