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Bringing their experience and love to every plate.

A Labor of Love

The founders of Honest Plate have been on their own journeys looking for a cleaner way to eat and live.  In 2015, they discovered the Whole30 plan and jumped onboard with both forks.  Each January, over the past five years, they completed Whole30 and encouraged more and more friends to do the same.

Finally this January, they decided to make it easier for their friends and community to adapt to a healthier diet, and with the help of two fantastic local chefs, Honest Plate was born.

The founding team all live on the East End, in god's country, full of farms and oceans. It seemed like a natural place to start a food company, and so it begins.

Chef Jon Albrecht

Jon's cooking career started over 30 years ago in The Hamptons. His extensive experience includes being the executive chef of the popular Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor, owning his own restaurant group Ciao Fresco and running Chef Elite Catering company.

Jon's extensive experience in all areas of cooking, along with his obsession with healthy and local produce make him a perfect ingredient in the Honest Plate team.

Chef Nick Reisini

Chef Nick graduated from the French Culinary Institute and at a young age of 20, was tapped by Maurizio Marfoglia to help him open Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor, and there he met Chef Jon. As Donna and Gabby Karan expanded Nick moved to be Executive Chef at Dopo La Spiaggia in East Hampton.  

Since leaving Dopo, Nick has built a reputation as a great private chef, caterer and entrepreneur starting Hamptons Meal Prep in 2018. Always a proponent of a healthy eating lifestyle, Nick decided to make health and wellness his focus.

Ashley John Heather

Ashley is a serial entrepreneur in marketing, health and technology.  He moved with his family from NYC to The Hamptons in 2014 and founded The Spur, a co-working space and innovation hub with locations across the East End.


A fan of the Whole30 nutrition program, he created Honest Plate with Chef Jon and Chef Nick to make healthy eating easier and more affordable for all.

Diana Dornan Heather

As Honest Plate's head of community and experience, Diana has an encyclopedic knowledge on how food and our diets affect our body, our mind and our spirit.

Along with husband Ashley, they have been Whole30 advocates, having also followed plant-based diets over the past 5 years.

Diana helps our clients understand the benefits of what they are eating, and why it will make a huge difference in their lives.

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