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  • Q. Where can I pick up my meals?
    A. The idea is that our service works like a farm CSA where you come and pick up your meals and each time you come, you bring back your bag and clean containers, and we recycle everything. The pick up location is: 105-5 at The Hamlet Green Montauk Highway Hampton Bays
  • Q. How often do I pick up my meals?
    A. If you order 5 weekly meals, you will have two pick-up times. Monday after 2pm and Thursday after 2pm. We split the pick-up into 2 times as the meals are cooked fresh, and we want them to be in their best condition when you enjoy them. You can order for 3 days, you will just pick-up on Monday. If you order the weekender option, you can pick-up Thursday.
  • Q. If I can’t pick up my meals on time, what happens?"
    A. Don’t panic. All your meals are refrigerated and can be picked up the next day, no problem. Just email us to let us know so we can expect you.
  • Q. Can I get my meals delivered?
    A. Yes, we offer a service to have your meals delivered to your home. It is $18 for orders under $100, $14 for orders between $100 - $200 and FREE for orders over $200 per delivery, there are three options. A) We can leave them with someone at the house when we deliver on Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. Tuesdays for NYC, CT and Westchester. B) If there is no-one home at these times, just leave a cooler by your front door and we will put your meal bag into the cooler. C) If you have a smart home, we can access the house, and place your food directly into your fridge. So just let us know which delivery method works best for you!
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